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Konza Environmental Education Program

About Us

Our goals: 

  • To bring children to the tallgrass prairie to increase their understanding of this remarkable ecosystem and to instill a sense of place and pride in their environment.
  • To allow students to participate in hands-on ecological research to increase their knowledge of the scientific process and the significance of research.  
  • To share with the public the latest scientific research and emphasize the importance of research in grassland conservation and management.


Check here to see what your options are for visiting Konza Prairie with your classes


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**NEW** - Teachers go here to see our online data!   - Login required - call (785) 587-0381 for login info


KEEP's projects include:

  • Docent/Volunteer Program - we provide training on the prairie ecosystem and Konza Prairie facts for community volunteers who become active as program guides;
  • Teachers' Workshops- professional development for science and math teachers, grades 5-12, to incorporate ecological research and data collection into the classroom curriculum in accordance with science education standards;
  • Schoolyard Long-term Ecological Research (SLTER) - student participation in long-term research and data collection on Konza Prairie (partially funded through National Science Foundation LTER).

The Konza Environmental Education Program is committed to providing Kansas communities with quality environmental education opportunities centered on prairie ecology and long-term ecological research. 


Jill Haukos  Director of Education – Jill Haukos            



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Visions of the Flint Hills Art Show

View the art here

From October 2 - November 20

Art available online or in person at the Buttonwood Art Space, Kansas City (by appointment). Sale of the art benefits the Konza Environmental Education Program and helps to get more kids out to the prairie.  Buy some amazing art, bring kids to the prairie!


What's blooming?

Who's here?

Check out our phenology spreadsheet.  - updated September 14

Phenology = study of the timing of natural events          


Love the Environmental Education Program at Konza?  We need your support!  Become a member of the Friends of Konza Prairie (FOKP)!

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Online giving/membership in FOKP has become easier! Click here 


 The Autumn Calf

Teachers, Libraries, and Schools!  Get your FREE copy of "The Autumn Calf" a new children's book about a Konza Prairie bison calf and it's struggle to survive on the Kansas prairie.  Call (785) 587-0381 or email us at Konzaed@ksu.edu.
UPDATE:  Curricula is now available to accompany The Autumn Calf.  "Have you Ever Wondered What a Bison Weighs?" and "Bison Weights over Time" activity and "Bison Weights Over Time" data are all available.  These activities are appropriate for grades 3 - 6.