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Konza Environmental Education Program

High School Storyline Curriculum

This curricula set is a storyline - meaning it is driven by student inquiry, rather than a pre-determined schedule. Guidance and material is provided for the instructor, but the students are encouraged to set the tone and the pace of the lessons.

Every lesson contains:

  • Driving question
  • Set of terms (and definitions for the instructor) that could be addressed during the lesson
  • Activities for the classroom or laboratory
  • Data sets/graphs/tables from the researchers at the Konza Prairie Biological Station


Overarching Question:  How Do Ecosystems Maintain Their Health?

Lesson 1 - Question: What is a Good Prairie - and - How Does a Prairie Maintain its Health?

Lesson 2 - Question: Who/What Lives On a Tallgrass Prairie?

Lesson 3 - How Do Different Ecosystems Compare?

Lesson 4 - Is There a Keystone Species of the Tallgrass Prairie?

Lesson 5 - What is the Role of Fire on the Tallgrass Prairie?

  • Lesson 5 Outline
  • Lesson 5 PowerPoint

Lesson 6 - What is the Role of Water on the Tallgrass Prairie?

  • Lesson 6 Outline
  • Lesson 6 PowerPoint