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Konza Environmental Education Program

Guidelines for Student and Group Tours

NOTE:  Tours are not available during the month of July

We provide tours to K-12 aged groups; we do not do pre-school aged groups.  Home-school groups are welcome but siblings younger than Kindergarten need to have care other than our program. 

Please distribute these guidelines to all group chaperones, and review the appropriate sections with your students in advance.

Chaperones:  A minimum 1 adult to 10 students ratio is required.  The Konza Environmental Education Program will also provide 1 guide per 10 students.

Discipline:  Discipline on-site is the responsibility of the teachers and other chaperones, including during the guided tour, restroom breaks, and lunch.  Teachers are responsible for communicating site rules to their students and chaperones in advance.  

Please have your students wear nametags, so chaperones and docents may easily communicate with them.

Student Guidelines:

  • Your guide is a docent, a trained volunteer of Konza Prairie Biological Station.
  • While your docent is speaking, please be quiet and listen.  Docents like questions!
  • On the trail, your docent is the leader.  Walk carefully alongside your docent.
  • Follow any special rules your docent may set for the group.
  • Quiet voices are important, especially for a chance to see wildlife.

Outdoor Preparation:  Please prepare your students to experience the prairie environment.  There is no water available on the trails, little shade and often a lot of wind.  Check the weather forecast and dress appropriately.  Long pants, closed-toe walking shoes and a hat are recommended.  Other important outdoor protection includes: insect repellent and sunscreen. 

Designated Parking: 

  • Nature Trail hikes: Buses park opposite of the trail kiosk on the west side of the road. Accompanying parents may park in the regular parking lot.
  • Headquarters hikes/bison loop tours: Buses enter the headquarters area and park behind the barn near the bison corral.   Click here for a map of Konza Prairie Station Headquarters, including designated parking areas.

Restroom Facilities:  A restroom facility with drinking fountain is available at Headquarters in the stone barn.  Teachers and chaperones are responsible for supervising students during restroom breaks.

However, due to our limited capacity, if possible and as necessary, please stop at a rest area before arrival on-site.  Interstate-70 rest areas near Konza Prairie are available near Exit #309 and Exit #294.

Picnic Plans:  Let us know if you plan on having a picnic during your trip to Konza Prairie.   Picnic tables are available outside at Headquarters, if you choose to bring sack lunches or a snack.  Picnics are not allowed on the trails.  No concessions are available on-site.

We encourage groups to pack a trash-free lunch.  For your convenience, trash cans, and aluminum and plastic recycling bins are available at the picnic area.  Please ask students to remove liquids and lids before recycling these items.

Assessments:  If your class is scheduled to do a hands-on science activity please have your students complete a pre-trip assessment before their visit as well as a post-trip assessment following their field trip.  Click here for assessments.