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Konza Environmental Education Program

Tallgrass Gazette/Bison & Bluestem

Started in 1999, this newsletter was the idea of then Docent Coordinators, Phoebe Samelson and Janet Throne.

Docent Co-Editors:

1999 - 2000 Susan Bale and Tawnya Ernst

2001 - 2009 Gordon Cunningham and Gerry Synder

2010 - 2011 Gerry Synder and Dennis Toll

2012 - Dennis Toll and Annie Baker

2013 - Cindy Jeffrey and Diane Barker - The Tallgrass Gazette and the Bison and Bluestem were combined to a common newsletter entitled the Bison and Bluestem. It contains information on both FOKP events and Docent news.

2017 -  2021 - Cindy Jeffrey, Lucas Shivers and Greg Zolnerowich

2022 - Current - Retta Kramer, Cindry Jeffrey and Greg Zolnerowich

Note: Newsletters are available in Adobe Acrobat® PDF format.  To view and save these documents, download the free Adobe Acrobat® Reader.