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Konza Environmental Education Program

What is the Friends of Konza Prairie?

Friends of Konza Prairie (FOKP) is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization dedicated to the support of the Konza Prairie environmental education program.  As a member, your contributions are tax-deductible (less benefits received) and go to bringing area school children to the tallgrass prairie.

What does FOKP do?

  • Supports the Konza Environmental Education Program (KEEP) for K-12 students.  KEEP introduces students to ecology and beauty of the tallgrass prairie. The program also connects students to this amazing ecosystem and introduces them to the science and research of the Konza Prairie Biological Station.
  • Supports the work and activities of the Konza Prairie Biological Station. 
  • Sponsors special events at Konza Prairie throughout the year, such as:
    • Cure for Cabin Fever Soup and Song in January
    • Wildflower Walk on Butterfly Hill in June
    • Bison Barbecue and Bison Loop Tour in September
    • Visions of the Flint Hills art show at the Buttonwood Art Space, Kansas City, MO in October/November

Become a member

Membership Questions?

Call (785) 587-0381 or email at:  friendsofkonza@gmail.com

Want to Contribute to Support Konza Prairie?

Your support is appreciated - and easily made here

Memorials to the Friends of Konza Prairie may be sent to:

116 Ackert Hall
Division of Biology; KSU
Manhattan, KS 66506

Upcoming events:



Friends of Konza Prairie - Annual Meeting & Bison Event!
When: Sunday, September  24th  

Where:  KPBS Headquarters - go to Konza Prairie, like you would to go to the Nature Trail, then go PAST the kiosk into headquarters (past the Restricted Access  signs). You'll see the stone house and stone barn - we'll be starting in the stone barn and then move to the patio of the stone house for the Potluck. 

Join us for our Annual Meeting and Bison Event - with the following schedule of activities:

  • 4:00 pm - Annual Meeting - in the Konza Meeting Hall (stone barn). This is when our members hear updates from the FOKP President, Director of the Konza Prairie Biological Station, FOKP Treasurer, Director of Education of the Konza Environmental Education Program, and where you get to vote on any changes to our Bylaws and on the election of new Board members. 
  • 5:00 pm - Bison BBQ and Potluck - join us for a grilled bison burger and sample some of the potluck dishes (please bring something to share!) with fellow FOKP members.

If you want a bison burger - just RSVP at (785) 587-0381 to reserve the number of burgers you wish.

  • 6:00 pm - Bison bus tour - climb aboard a school bus to go out into the Konza Prairie research area to witness our bison herd. This is a beautiful time of the year to see the herd with the grass at it's tallest and the bison at their fattest! Our herd of some 260 animals is normally not available for viewing, EXCEPT during this event.

What does all of this cost?  Nothing! You just need to be a member of the Friends of Konza Prairie. We appreciate you and your support! 

Questions?  Call (785) 587-0381

FOKP Brochure

2023 FOKP Board of Directors

Friends of Konza Prairie Merchandise

An Invitation to Join Friends of Konza Prairie

Friends of Konza Prairie (FOKP) is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization dedicated to the support of the Konza Environmental Education Program.  As a member, your contributions are tax-deductible.

Membership Benefits:

By becoming a member, you will receive the following benefits:

- Bison and Bluestem newsletter

- Invitation to bison barbecue potluck

- Winter and spring special events - may be a concert, invited speaker, or activity

To become a member of the Friends of Konza Prairie

Student membership (including college) = $10/yr

Individual membership = $30/yr.

Family membership = $50/yr.

Big Bluestem level = $100 - $149/yr.

Flint Hills level = $150 - $249/yr.

Prairie Chicken level = $250 - $499/yr.

Bison level = $500 and up/yr.  (receives a complimentary FOKP calendar)

Your completed membership form (on the FOKP brochure) and tax-deductible check, payable to Friends of Konza Prairie, to:
Friends of Konza Prairie
Kansas State University
Division of Biology, 116 Ackert Hall
Manhattan, KS 66506-4901

Corporate Sponsorships:

By partnering with the Konza Prairie, corporations can impact students with financial assistance, receive brand recognition, and demonstrate corporate responsibility by investing in long-term ecological research, education and prairie conservation. Please contact Director John Blair at jblair@ksu.edu to become a corporate sponsor.